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Japan Modified Asphalt Association was formed in 1978, as Japan Rubber Asphalt Association at that time, and the name was changed to the present name in 1992. The association has been a corporate organization since 2009, and is organized by polymer modified asphalt manufacturers and polymer modifier suppliers.

The association is aiming to contribute to the improvement of quality of life and to the enhancement of the public welfare through encouraging broad use of polymer modified asphalt (PMA), by means of executing the objectives mentioned below, in cooperation with national and local road authorities, agencies, express-way companies and other road-related organizations.

  1. To promote standardizations of quality and testing method of PMA
  2. To promote versatile market and application developments of PMA
  3. To study on manufacturing and construction technologies of PMA
  4. To study and to supply information on demands and technical trends of PMA industry

The needs for the performance of PMA have changed with time. In the 1980s the main purpose to use PMA was to improve flow and/or wearing resistance and in the late 1990s,” safety and environment” was added to the keywords and since then high functional (drainage and low noise) pavement binders had become the product that answered the needs of the age. And in recent years, the binders with highly added-value such as porous asphalt binders for cold weather (with enhanced fretting resistance), for intersections (to prevent raveling caused by turning vehicles), for reclaimed asphalt mixtures and for the concrete bridge decks (with improved water resistance) have grown to the essential paving materials in the road construction industry. In particular the development of polymer modified asphalt Type H has highly contributed to encourage broad use of the functional (drainage and low noise) pavement throughout Japan and consequently has largely contributed to improve the traffic safety and the road side environment deteriorated by traffic noise.

At the same time the comprehensive efforts to prevent global warming have been requested throughout the industries, and therefore the PMA industry also needs to promote further R&D to provide solution to the issues.

We will continue the efforts for technical development and consistent supply of PMA products aiming at providing the road pavement satisfactorily accepted by the people.

We look forward to your continued support.

June, 2017
Japan Modified Asphalt Association
Koji Yokota
Representative Director