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The technical seminar with Korean organization
(July, 2007)

The Technical seminar was held as part of an international exchange of JMAA activities at Hilton Hotel Tokyo (Shinjuku) on July 5, 2007. The seminar was organized following the request from Korean Society of Road Engineering (KSRE) and attended by 25 and 10 persons from KSRE and JMAA respectively.

The JMAA members were made the presentations on JMAA activities and the market of polymer modified asphalt (PMA) in Japan including the quality standard of PMA grade, demand trends and current status of porous asphalt, and the participants received some booklets as reference materials, “JMAA Modified Asphalt Pocket Guide” and JMAA magazine No.21 and 27, in which the articles on the development process and current R&D status on high viscosity modified asphalt, and the recent change of the grade designation and their quality standards were described respectively.

In the final Q&A session, there were wide-ranging discussion including on the standards for general asphalt pavement and porous asphalt, maintenance, pavement design and manufacturing and paving application. KSRE appreciated the efforts of JMAA to make the seminar very informative.

Taking this opportunity, we hope future growing of the PMA market in Korea and consequently deepening technical exchanges between two countries.